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ABL – Aluminium Barrier Laminate tubes have an aluminum foil barrier, which provides superior light, air and moisture barriers along with exceptional flavour barrier perfomance. The material density offers a more durable tube and allows for additional dispensing of the product's contents. Toothpaste is the largest user of ABL tubes, but pastes, ointments, creams and gels , along with over-the-counter pharmaceutical products perform excellently in ABL tube packaging.

Aluminium foil thickness has been reduced from 30 to 12 to even 9 microns where possible, creating  significant savings opportunities for our customers.

PBL – Laminate Tubes using Plastic Barrier Laminate are made from all plastic laminates, and the barrier layer (if required) is also made of a plastic material, Ethyl Vinyl alcohol. PBL tubes are emerging as an alternative to aluminum foil based tubes, especially for cosmetic products requiring attractive packaging. The main properties are good bounceback (memory) of tubes after squeezing (also eliminating the need for secondary carton packaging); and attractive decoration and tactile effects.. PBL tubes can be fully transparent allowing the products to show through.




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