Kim Pai Group of Companies

We are interdependent and build on the synergies and expertise of each company. We produce all the packaging intermediate materials for all our products. Our 2010 turnover was in the region of US $ 250 mio.

The Kim Pai Group of companies are:

Kim Pai Limited Partnership –  the first company of the Kim Pai Group has been in the printing business since 1947. Products included Paper Labels, Cardboard and Plastic Cartons, Posters, Calendars, Blister Pack Cards, Frozen Food Cartons, Brochures, and Promotional Materials.

Thai Offset -  member of Kim Pai Group since 1969. Thai Offset offers expertise in printing, extrusion coating and lamination, dry lamination (solvent and non-solvent base), bag-making and multilayer blown film extrusion.

Thai O.P.P. (Public) - a manufacturer of O.P.P. (Oriented Polypropylene) film and other types of plastic film such as shrink film, C.P.P. (Cast Polypropylene) film, metallized film, and stretch films. Thai O.P.P. is also a leading company in Thailand for the production of sticker labels and packaging with various types of printing technology such as Flexography, Letterpress, Silkscreen, Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foil Stamping, Embossing, Coating, and Laminating.

Kim Pai Lamitube - a member of Kim Pai Group since 1985. Kim Pai Lamitube (which includes Kim Pack for local sales) was the pioneer in the manufacture of laminated tubes in Thailand. Now specialists in print and lamination techniques, we manufacture with the best tube-making machinery for Laminate, and also Extruded tubes.

LS Pack & K Pack - members of Kim Pai Group since 2005. Based in Vietnam, the companies run an in-house tube supply for a major customer, and a separate tube manufacturing site.

Kim Pai Coating - a joint venture between Kim Pai Group and a Singaporean packaging company. The company manufactures an extensive range of protection film for various markets and applications.

LA Plast Pack - an alliance of Kim Pai Group. The company manufactures hand-roll stretch film, machine-roll stretch, valu film and protection film

Dai-ichi Packaging - a joint venture of 3 groups namely; Thai President Foods, Kim Pai Group and Maruto Sangyo Group, where KP manage the packaging operation for the food and household products group.




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