Hair, Body and Face

Products can use laminated or extruded  tubes with or without a barrier, including  Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturisers, Sun Screen Lotions and Skin Creams. There is a wide range of possibilities with the combination of different structures and decorations.


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Tubes can be produced in either laminated or extruded tubes. Traditionally Aluminum Barrier Laminates (ABL) have been used but now customers have the options to choose between foil or EVOH as a barrier. The latter would offer a toothpaste tube which has a softer feel. Some customers request an insert in order to prevent flavour transmission through the shoulder. 


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Other Products

There are a number of potential uses for laminated and extruded tubes including foods, phamaceuticals, hair colourant and household products  among many others. The construction of the tube can be developed for any product requirement.


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