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Why Kim Pai Laminated Tubes ?

    Invisible Side Seams, Excellent Decoration, Material and Process improvements and Cost Reductions are Kim Pai's proven successes
that we have introduced in our 25 years experience of developing both the laminate tube and our laminate web. We believe Kim Pai can justifiably claim to be the Technology leader in the Laminate Tube industry.

- Invisible Side Seam technology; Our laminated tubes offer an excellent alternative to extruded tubes, with competitive cost advantage, reduced material usage, and of course better print and decoration capability.

- MPET Tubes; affordable Metallised PET tubes with mirror-like effect and beautiful seam line. This packaging format has significantly increase market share for several of our customers

- Photo Quality; Not only is the print quality superior to the present extruded products, but KP also offer cost advantage, as there is no need for labels, and an extra process is removed

- Thinnest Foil Layer; KP has succeeded in developing 9 micron foil layer tubes compared with the industry average of 12 micron for aluminium barrier laminates

- Extruded Tubes Replacement; Our invisible side seam, elastic recovery and other in-house technologies allow our products to be competitive.; in some cases customers have reported 20-30% cost savings when the volumes reach typical MOQ's

- State-of-the-art, in-house graphic design facilities are made available to customers for their development & testing requirements, with full R&D options available.

- Custom made, Standard or 3rd Party laminate web.  We are able to produce tubes from our in-house, or 3rd Party laminate webs,  but our in house material offers logistical, savings and technical benefits.


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